Dr. Disposal is the essential garbage disposal installation tool! You won't want to install a garbage disposal (or garbage disposal flange) without it ever again.

Instead of having to work underneath the sink and lift the disposal from below, it allows you to lift the disposal from above and it uses the weight of the disposal to help install the flange. Check out our videos for full tutorials!

Just three steps!

Remember to remove the tool from the disposal and sink area before connecting the power.

How Dr. Disposal got its PhD

I had installed several garbage disposals in my rental property and fought with them every time. Eventually, I realized that there had to be an easier way to hold the disposal in place while I line up the locking ring and lock it into position.

So, I looked up tools online and I was dissatisfied with the tools that were available for the job—they were expensive and cumbersome, and I didn’t need another large tool in my bag.

I began working on, testing, and perfecting the Dr. Disposal concept until we came up with a design that was accessible, affordable, and small enough to keep in my tool bag.

It is a simple tool, but even so, the idea came to me as the result of prayer. I have always considered myself a junior partner with God and He is the one with all of the good ideas.

Any flaws in the design are mine (and we’d love to hear your feedback if you see one!).

What people are saying about Dr. Disposal...

I have been changing garbage disposals for several years… This tool delivers more than it promises. It is THE game changer in garbage disposal tools! I am a business owner and am so impressed with this tool that I will buy one for each of my guys from now on. 

Jonathan Colwell

Adonai Restoration

I have a small construction company and we frequently do kitchen remodels, updates, and repairs. When it comes to the installation of the garbage disposal, it’s always a juggling act–trying to hold it in place while getting everything lined up and locking collar in place. I was introduced to the Dr. Disposal and it is so simple and easy to use. It makes the whole process much easier. No more juggling act.


Tri-County Services

I have never replaced a garbage disposal before, but I was able to with this device. I am a woman with very little upper body strength. I knew holding the disposal in place with one arm while trying to twist the mounting ring with the other arm wasn’t going to be possible for me. The Dr Disposal worked to hold the old disposal in place while I knocked it loose and it held the new disposal in place easily while I finished mounting it properly. It was well worth the money as I didn’t have to hire a plumber and could do this replacement by myself. I’ve just left it under my kitchen sink for 10 years down the line when the disposal needs to be replaced again.

Amazon reviewer

How to use Dr. Disposal for Flange Assembly


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